We have the best team. Seriously!

It’s easy for us to say we are all about great culture and professional development – checking all the buzz word boxes. But don’t take our word for it; let our team members share their success stories.







Having a diverse team means we bring a lot of different values to you—well beyond the Ts & Cs. We believe that we have best practices to teach your team, and we look forward to learning from our partners as well. Partnership is based in loyalty and honesty, and we make sure to keep communication flowing in both directions so everyone can contribute to success.

Listen, you have to do what you love. We love our team, our partners, and our business. We work hard every single day to deliver quality services to you. And we take full responsibility for making sure we over-deliver on your expectations, holding each other (and sometimes you!) accountable for success.

The power of positivity shapes our organization from top to bottom. We challenge one another to bring the light of positive energy to each interaction within our team, but also to our partners and into the communities we serve.

Team ITBD approaches every day and every project with the mindset to achieve excellence and exceed expectations. We continuously look forward and question where we can add value to our peers’ MSP businesses. Do you have a talent problem you can’t solve? Let us know … maybe we’ll uncover the next great service together.

Our MSP roots run deep. We are inspired by our peers, their commitment to their customers, and each other. Every decision we make comes from a place of support for our community with the goal of doing our part to build an impactful and successful industry. Our ITBD mantra is go-giving, and we live that through our educational conference, Build IT; through our charitable efforts in cities where we live and work; and with each other.

Join Our Team

Looking for a reason to join us? We have SIX (and that’s the tip of the iceberg)


We view our employees as partners in our business


We cultivate the whole person through development programs


Transparency is an essential part of our company


Work-life balance isn’t just a tagline


We listen to and encourage honest feedback


Our culture inspires creativity and engagement

Inspiring Journey of Our Employees

We want to turn today’s inquisitive minds into tomorrow’s technology leaders. Through sponsorship, IT By Design strives to empower its workforce with higher education programs that develop the strategic skills needed to deliver on challenging projects. See the inspiring journey of our employees.

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